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All Natural.

Miracle Air is an all-natural, non-toxic food-grade odor eliminator.  100% composed of plant-derived enzymes, purified water and essential oils.  Completely safe to spray directly on your dog, cat, puppy or kitten; around food and even baby diapers.  Specifically formulated to naturally and permanently eliminate all organic odors from pets, urine, fecal matter, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, body odors, diesel and/or gasoline, carpet, fabrics, kennels, bedding, skunk and more.  There are no toxic fumes.  Excellent for your kennel, pet bedding.  Perfect for dealing  with dire situations!  Discover the gentle power of Miracle Air!

Available in 16 oz. and 128 oz.

We put the odor fighting power of nature in a bottle for you!

Odors eliminated by Miracle Air 

Some of the smells you can remove with Miracle Air:

    • Pet body odors
    • Body odors
    • Campfire smoke
    • Bad breath
    • Flatulence
    • New carpet VOCs
    • Cat urine and other pet odors
    • Synthetic fragrances
    • Formaldehyde
    • Cigarette smoke
    • Marine and bilge
    • Garbage and compost
    • Burnt food
    • Engine Exhaust
    • Bathroom odors
    • Cooking odors
    • Colostomy odors
    • Fish and garlic
    • Musty, mold and mildew
    • Paint and glue odors
    • Diesel and gasoline
    • Holding tan

How to use Miracle Air

Miracle Air works on contact with odor-causing compounds to permanently get rid of the odors. For general purpose odor elimination on your pet, in the home, boat, and RV such as described here, we recommend the 16-ounce and 128-ounce Miracle Air sizes. For convenience, carry the 2-ounce size with you in your car, sports bag, or your ringside tote bag. 

In general, use the SPRAY setting for pets, air, furniture, and fabrics. Use the STREAM setting to penetrate deep down into crevices, upholstery, carpets or pads. There is no need to pour Miracle Air onto a surface. For delicate fabrics, test an inconspicuous spot first. 

Eliminating pet odors 

Eliminating body odors on your pet

1. Completely safe to spray directly on your dog, cat, puppy or kitten.  Set the Miracle Air spray to SPRAY setting.  Spray liberally, but don’t soak, allow to air dry – can be used as often as necessary.

2. Completely eliminate bad breath in your dog, cat, puppy, kitten or yourself.  Set the Miracle Air spray to SPRAY setting, spray 2 to 3 sprays directly on teeth and tongue. 

Removing pet or human urine odor from carpets and floors

3.       Find the source of the odor by sight or smell. You can use a fluorescent “black light”, which will show you the exact outline of the urine source. Black lights can be purchased in most pet stores.

4.       Don’t shampoo the carpet first. If you already did, let it dry completely before applying Miracle Air. If you’re working with a new urine problem, soak up as much urine as possible before deodorizing.

5.       Set the Miracle Air sprayer to STREAM setting.

6.       Press the nozzle into the carpet to inject Miracle Air into the padding. Liberally apply on and around the urine source. Keep in mind that the urine source may be 4 inches in diameter on the surface, but up to 12 inches in diameter on the bottom of the carpet or in the padding or flooring. Odors also travel beyond their source and become airborne.

7.       Spray liberally, but don’t soak the urine spot. A 16-ounce bottle of Miracle Air goes further than a whole gallon of other odor eliminators.

8.       The plant enzymes need oxygen so don’t cover the area with towels or plastic.

9.       If the odor has permeated the flooring, you will need to pull back the carpet and padding and scrub Miracle Air into the floor. Make sure to scrub really well to work Miracle Air into the whole area. You must also thoroughly treat the carpet top and bottom and the padding. Let the area dry completely and inspect the carpet and padding before putting them back into place.

10.   Best results are achieved by cleaning and extracting residual urine by-products after treating with Miracle Air. Use a portable carpet cleaning machine on floor, padding and carpet or use a high quality extraction carpet cleaner.


Removing pet urine odors from upholstered furniture

1.       Follow step 1 through 4 for carpets and floors.

2.       If the odor persists, you may need to inject Miracle Air deep into the upholstery with a large syringe and needle. You can buy a syringe at a feed store or a carpet shop.

3.       Best results are achieved by cleaning and extracting residual urine by-products using a carpet cleaning machine with the recommended soap and Miracle Air. 

Removing pet urine odors from clothing

For best results, wet wash clothing in washer or hand wash using Miracle Air and a gentle detergent. If washing is not possible, spray Miracle Air lightly and directly onto clothing. Do not rinse. Miracle Air is safe to use on all fabrics including leather, suede, satin and silk, but test an inconspicuous spot first for your own peace of mind.  

Removing pet or human urine odors from bedding

Spray Miracle Air directly onto the bedding. If the bedding is thick and urine has seeped below the surface, use the STREAM setting to penetrate deeply. Miracle Air is safe to spray directly on and around all bedding. If the odor persists, Miracle Air didn’t come into contact with the entire odor source. Repeat these steps. 

You can also use the washing machine to remove urine odors from clothing and bedding by adding at least 4 ounces of Miracle Air to the wash. The amount of Miracle Air you will need depends on the source and amount of the odor. 


Eliminating skunk spray from pets 

One of the most difficult and problematic odors to remove has been skunk spray from dogs, cats, and other pets. Not anymore. Miracle Air is specifically formulated to eliminate the sulfur-containing compounds in skunk spray. And, just as important, Miracle Air is food grade safe so you can spray directly into animals’ mouths where much of the problem exists. 


Step 1: Pre-treatment

Wear rubber gloves, an apron, and a paper mask to protect yourself from the skunk odors and oils. Spray Miracle Air from the bottle directly onto your pet’s coat carefully lifting fur so that Miracle Air penetrates to skin. There are no alcohols, irritants or other hazardous chemicals in Miracle Air. Spray and brush entire body. Spray carefully around face, ears, nose and mouth. Rub Miracle Air into pelt. Spray into pet’s mouth if needed. With care, use a swab to rub Miracle Air into nose. 


Step 2: Cleaning

Prepare a warm cleaning solution of Miracle Air and your favorite pet shampoo. Use 12 oz of Miracle Air per gallon of cleaning solution. Wash your pet using your typical bath procedure. Rinse and repeat if necessary.


Eliminating odors from the air

You can remove airborne odors easily and as often as needed because Miracle Air is all natural and therefore completely safe. In fact, it’s food-grade so it can even be used in the kitchen or RV or galley and sprayed around food. No other odor eliminator can make that claim!  

With the nozzle set on SPRAY, spray Miracle Air liberally up into the air wherever you want to get rid of airborne odors. Miracle Air will clean the air of odors as the tiny droplets disburse throughout the room. Use Miracle Air: 

  • ·   Directly on your pets
  • ·   Directly on your pets bedding
  • ·   On furniture, drapes, and carpet for cigarette smoke or generalized pet odors
  • ·   In the kitchen and galley for cooking odors, garbage pails, compost buckets and disposals
  • ·   In the bathroom and head for quick relief and for permanent odor elimination
  • ·   In the nursery after a diaper change. Keep a small bottle in your baby bag.
  • ·   In the car for cigarette smoke, or exhaust and on your hands after refueling
  • ·   In a child’s bedroom (where anything could be hiding under the bed!)
  • ·   When painting or using other hazardous substances, spray Miracle Air to get rid of the dangerous fumes. Spray as needed while the substance is off-gassing. 

Remember that Miracle Air removes the odors in the air, but if you don’t eliminate the source of those odors (like the burnt pizza still in the oven!), the smells will keep coming back.


Eliminating odors from the carpet, fabrics and furniture

Deodorizing carpets using your carpet cleaner

Use up to 12 ounces of Miracle Air per gallon of water with the recommended soap in a carpet-cleaning machine to clean and deodorize your carpet in one step. You can also freshen your carpets with Miracle Air by spraying it directly onto the carpets before and after vacuuming. 

Deodorizing fabrics in your washing machine

Use at least 4 ounces of Miracle Air per load of laundry to deodorize pet bedding, clothing, curtains, towels and other fabrics. Use more Miracle Air for heavy odor problems. You can’t overuse Miracle Air. It’s all natural and it will not damage fabrics or color. 

Deodorizing furniture, floors and other surfaces

For hard finished surfaces, spray Miracle Air directly onto furniture and rub it into the surface. For porous surfaces like wood, concrete, and unfinished particle board or hardboard, spray Miracle Air directly onto the surface. Scrub Miracle Air in to penetrate. Mix Miracle Air with your favorite detergent or soap if the surface is soiled.  

De-toxifying new furniture, new car smell, and new carpet smell

Miracle Air also eliminates formaldehyde and other fumes emitted by new furniture, paint, new carpet and new cars. Spray Miracle Air regularly during and after project duration to eliminate buildup of odors and until off-gassing is complete. 


Eliminating cigarette smoke odors – in home, car, RV and while traveling 

You no longer have to smell old cigarette odor in your home, car, or while traveling. Miracle Air will completely eliminate cigarette odors from the air, fabric, leather, and hard surfaces.  

In your car and/or RV

Cigarette smoke contains tars and particles that soil fabric, leather, and other surfaces over time. So, for best results, you should clean AND deodorize automobile carpet & seats using a carpet cleaning machine and Miracle Air to remove tars and soil as well as odors. Use a light detergent cleaning solution with 10 oz of Miracle Air per gallon of cleaner. Wipe all hard surfaces with the cleaner/ Miracle Air solution. Do not wipe dry. Spray a liberal amount of Miracle Air onto the fabric surfaces – seats, carpet, ceiling, etc. Use a carpet cleaning hose attachment with the cleaner/ Miracle Air solution to clean and deodorize all the fabric and carpet. If cleaning is not possible, spray Miracle Air liberally on all fabrics and let dry. Spray Miracle Air into the hard to reach areas under the dash, under seats, etc. Spray Miracle Air into the HVAC system while the air flow is on recycle to eliminate odors. Or spray directly into fresh air intake with fan on. Clean or replace the HVAC filter.  

Keep a 2oz Home and Car bottle of Miracle Air in your glove compartment to spray whenever unwanted smells impact your driving pleasure!

In your Home

If you have cigarette smoke or burnt odors throughout your home you may need to deodorize the whole house. We recommend using a Fogger with our economic gallon of Miracle Air to fog the entire home. For best results, wash hard surfaces where possible with a very light detergent solution and 10 oz of Miracle Air per gallon of cleaning solution in water Use Miracle Air in your carpet cleaning machine also. Wash all draperies, curtains, etc. with Miracle Air in the laundry. Finally, fog Miracle Air into the fresh air intake of the HVAC system while just the fan is operating. This will cleanse the entire duct system of smoke odors. 

While traveling

Sometimes you may get a room that someone has smoked in. If you can’t change rooms, just spray Miracle Air high into the room air and liberally throughout the room to clean the air of cigarette smoke odors.


Eliminating odors – boat and RV 

Boats and yachts seem to have their own special class of odors. Bilge, diesel, engine exhaust, mold and mildew, and old seawater smells conspire to create an unpleasant environment in our boats. Even fish odors are eliminated by Miracle Air.

  • ·    Use our handy 2 oz bottles in each head for quick relief of bathroom odors.
  • ·    Use our 16 oz bottle for galleys, staterooms, cabins, and other living areas.
  • ·    Pour one cup into bilge pockets before and after trips to control odors.
  • ·    For entire boat space where odors have permeated fabric and wood, use a fogger and our economic gallon refill size Miracle Air. 
  • ·    Fog or spray the engine compartment to eliminate stray diesel or gasoline odors. This is also handy for discovering the origin of fuel leaks. 

And, Miracle Air is great for RV’s, campers, fishing, and all other outdoor activities! 


Other uses for Miracle Air 

Miracle Air is the safest and most effective solution for eliminating all odors in your home, auto, and RV and even on your pet. And it’s handy for other uses too: 

  • Work and office
  • Nursing, medical, and wound care
  • In the garage, shop, and hobby room
  • In dorm rooms and apartments
  • On sports equipment and in gym lockers
  • In adult care homes
  • You can even spray Miracle Air directly onto people and pets – even exotic reptiles, squirrels, and birds.

When you’re traveling, use the convenient 2-ounce size in rental cars, hotels and public restrooms. And definitely take a bottle camping for relief in the outhouse!