Show Off No Rinse Cleaner


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Brightens and renews color clarity. Show Off enhances all coat colors, whitens whites, and rejuvenates the coat, making it look like it was just groomed.  Excellent for daily maintenance of faces and feet of all breeds. Available in Show Off 16 oz. with Sprayer and Show Off 128 oz. (Gallon)   Show Off has been formulated for the dedicated canine exhibitor and professional groomer.  Show Off proves real answers for real needs when under limited time and too much stress preparing for the show ring to cleaning between baths, or when your pet cannot be bathed due to certain circumstances, such as surgery.  Also, great for the pet owner who needs to clean soiled feet or faces on a daily basis. Show Off is an innovative new technology in a spray-on, no-rinse gentle cleaner.  With Show Off’s state-of-the-art coat illuminating complex formula you can renew color clarity, texture and add body while diminishing soiled spots on all coat colors, creating a radiant glow in just minutes.  All colors become brighter while making the whitest white possible without any bleaching agents.  You must see it to believe it, from the moment you spray it on, you know Show Off is exceptional in every way.  Spray it on, wipe it off, and go Show Off!


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