The Essence of Quality in Show Dog Brushes…

Why proper brushing is so important.

Beyond the primary function of brushing or styling hair, hair brushing serves other important purposes. It cleans and massages the skin, and stimulates the release of sebum, the hair’s natural oil.  Brushing distributes the sebum from root to tip, which lubricates and protects the hair shaft.  This creates a healthy glow or sheen and more flexible hair.  As the sebum protects and moisturizes, regular brushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable, and easier to style.  Brushing also cleans the hair shaft, follicle, and skin by removing trapped scales, dirt and oils.

All of the Chris Christensen Systems brushes are designed for balance, comfort and ease of use.  Both user friendly and hair friendly, our brushes minimize damage to the coat.

You may be losing more coat than you realize.

A thick, full coat means a healthy coat.  When the coat is thick and full, it’s usually healthy, shiny, and full of volume and body…most everything you want in a great-looking coat.  By using the right tools you can reduce excess coat loss (including thinning, breakage and splitting).

Much excess coat loss can be prevented.

Coat loss has three causes:  1. Medical conditions, 2. Genetic & hereditary factors, and 3. Physical or chemical damage to the coat from bleaching products, heat, and blow dryers.  Inferior grooming tools and improper styling techniques can also physically damage the hair.

While some coat loss is inevitable, excessive coat loss caused by breakage can be prevented.  Treating the coat right and using proper products and tools are the keys to successful coat management.

Now there’s good news….

Chris Christensen Systems has constructed the perfect, precise brush system.  Each brush is specifically constructed and designed for the show dog.  We offer three custom designed pin brushes for a variety of coat lengths, textures and fullness.  A 20mm pin brush for the short coats and toy breeds, a 27mm pin brush for the medium to long coats and  a 35mm pin brush for the long, full coats.  All three pin lengths are available in both oval shape brush design and oblong shape design.  Each brush has a body that is made of Beechwood, a light weight hardwood that won’t break easily.  Stress and fatigue are eliminated with handles designed for super leverage and an easy firm grip.  The give of the brush cushion is uniquely attuned for each length of pin.  This allows the brush to flex at the proper point, which eliminates stretching of the hair.  Over stretching of the hair can cause breakage.

A distinguishing feature of our brushes is the stainless steel pins with ground and polished tips.  The procedure of grinding and polishing is not given significant regard in the manufacturing of tools for the pet industry or for the professional dog show world.  Other brushes usually have tips that are simply chopped off or attached balls.  Viewed under magnification, the pins have jagged, saw-like ends that scratch the skin and chip the hair cuticle.  These tips irritate and abrade the skin and chip the hair cuticle.  Chips and cuts to the hair cuticle cannot be repaired and gradually accumulate.  Accumulated damage to the hair cuticle weakens the hair shaft, contributes to loss of internal moisture, and often results in dry, brittle hair that easily breaks.  This invisible damage also increases tangling and matting of the hair coat, as the hair cuticle becomes rough and barbed.  Brushes with ball tips are no better, as there are always rough edges where the balls are attached to the pins.  Ball tips rip and tear hair, leaving jagged ends that easily tangle.