Limited Warranty

Chris Christensen Systems, Inc. warrants that all brushes were manufactured free of defects in material or workmanship; and for a period of six (6) months after the date of purchase, the Manufacturer agrees to correct by repair or replacement (with same or comparable quality model) any defects. THE WARRANTY IS VOID IF THE BRUSH HAS BEEN ABUSED, MISUSED, DAMAGED BY ACCIDENT, DOG CHEWING, BENT PINS FROM TRANSPORTING (TACK BOX), OR DAMAGED BY FAILURE TO PROVIDE REASONABLE AND NECESSARY CARE. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO NORMAL WEAR OF ANY PARTS, INCLUDING PINS, WOOD, RUBBER, OR OTHER MATERIALS SURFACE FINISH.

The terms of the Warranty cannot be changed except in writing by an officer of Chris Christensen Systems, Inc. Wholesalers and Dealers are not authorized to make any warranty adjustments on behalf of Chris Christensen Systems, Inc.

Should service be required for this brush, please return, giving full details of the defect stating date of purchase and distributor from whom the brush was purchased, along with a copy of the sales receipt.