STEP ONE: Preparation for cleaning.  We have found the easiest way to remove the woven strands of hair from the pin brush is with thumb and fingers, not the brush cleaner.


STEP TWO: Dry cleaning.  Once the hair has been removed, we will use the small brush cleaner as a dry cleaning tool.  Draw the special cleaning brush across the pin brush pad from end to end, as many times as needed.  Dry cleaning should be done often.


STEP THREE:  Washing.  Make a lather of lukewarm water and shampoo.  Dip the cleaning brush into the lather, not the water.  Hold the brush face up with the handle held high and the pad sloping downward to prevent water from entering the small hole in the pad.  In the same manner as dry cleaning, draw the wetted cleaner across the pad of the pin brush.


STEP FOUR: Dip the cleaning tool into clean rinsing water and repeat the brushing movement along the pad of the pin brush.  Remember to keep the handle held high.


STEP FIVE: Shake the pin brush to remove any excess moisture that may be in the brush itself and leave it to dry on its end, with the handle up, pad down. Allow to dry completely.  Important – do not use oil or spirits on the pin brush.  These will destroy the rubber pad.



Air Purifiers and/or De-humidifiers will destroy the rubber pad of your pin brushes.

Florescent Lights will destroy the rubber pad of your pin brushes.

Oils and Spirits will destroy the rubber pad of your pin brushes.

All Chris Christensen pin brushes have a small air hole in the pad