Slicker Brushes

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All of Chris Christensen Systems Slicker Brushes have a super soft relaxed cushion and lightweight Beech Wood body with contoured handles to meet the needs of any brushing style or direction.
The curved back slicker brushes create a motion that is not obtainable by flat back slicker brushes, cutting your grooming time drastically. Try it and you will see.
The round slicker brush was designed by top poodle people. It has an ergonomically designed handle for ease of maneuvering, and does not leave lines behind.

Why proper brushing is so important:
Other than the primary function of brushing or styling hair, hair brushing serves several other important purposes; cleaning and massaging the skin, and stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum. Sebum is released by the sebaceous gland at the base of the hair follicle as a result of the gentle hair tugging caused by brushing. Brushing the hair cleans the hair shaft, follicle, and skin by removing trapped scales, dirt, and oils. Brushing also distributes the Sebum, coating, lubricating and protecting the hair shaft resulting in a healthy glow or sheen and more flexible hair. Because sebum protects and moisturizes, regular brushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable and easier to style.

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