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Covers stains & flaws

Does not rub off or smear.  Excellent coverage even after brushing through.  Not messy and non-toxic.  Hide grays and eliminate unwanted coat colors.  ChrisStix allows pinpoint accuracy, easy blendability, excellent coverage, and maximum staying power to create a naturally blended look.  Available in 9 colors:

  • White ChrisStix
  • Black ChrisStix
  • Ivory ChrisStix
  • Tan ChrisStix
  • Light Brown ChrisStix
  • Rust ChrisStix
  • Brown ChrisStix
  • Red/Brown ChrisStix
  • Gray/Blue ChrisStix


Tips on How to use ChrisStix…

Dip the ChrisStix in water for a few seconds and then, depending on the size of the area to be corrected, do one of the following:  If the area to work on is large, apply with the ChrisStix lying flat on the coat and then use large head part of the Chris Christensen Systems Color Applicator Brush to work it into the coat.  If the area is narrow, wet the small head part of the Chris Christensen Systems Color Applicator Brush then rub it on the ChrisStix.  Using this fine tip point of the Color Applicator brush makes it very easy to apply in detail and then proceed with blending as necessary with the brush.

When applying in large areas after applying the ChrisStix in this manner, use a towel to wipe the excess off and let it dry, or use a hair dryer to dry.  Then use the towel to be positive that you have removed the excess so that it does not rub off on the hands.  Also, avoid using the product in areas that get wet (such as beards) or do not allow the dog to drink until after showing, as the water will act to remove the product from the hair.

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