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Competition Comb

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In an effort to provide continued education and growth within the Show Dog and Grooming Industry, Chris Christensen is proud to launch yet another industry-first set of products: the Competition CombTM
With a focus on quality and superior performance, our latest Competition Combs are built to last to meet the rigorous demands of Groomers,
Handlers, and Dog Show Enthusiasts. Expertly crafted of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel teeth, and measurement markings on both comb sides, Competition Combs are the latest must-have tool for any groomer’s arsenal.

What makes these combs stand out from the rest in the industry?
While there are a wide range of heavy-duty metal combs made readily available in the industry, we take pride in our efforts to be leading innovators
for our community, and to empower groomers in any field with the tools to build better grooming habits.

  • Available in two sizes, our latest Competition CombTM launch is perfect for the Salon Groomer, Competition Groomer, Dog Show Enthusiast, Handlers, and At-Home Groomers aiming for greater consistency in their work. Our comb spines are affixed with CM or IN measurement lines on either side – allowing any groomer to examine their scissoring work for:
    Consistency in cuts throughout the legs and body
    Conformity to breed standard cuts
    Checking your work with ease
    Designed by professionals for professionals, you can trust that the
    Competition CombTM is built to sustain the toughest environments while
    providing groomers the added advantage to excel in their field.

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